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Photo 1 of 4 Hobitat Garage #1

Hobitat Garage #1

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This stand comes with metallic or natural color such as gray, black or white. Seats are employed not excessive and too basic with all 3 seats' quantity. Since the dimension isn't too-large, this table is simply used for speaking and eating. Products used ie material.

The Hobitat Garage #1 ideal for natural sort of kitchen house. This natural desk features a square shape that is thicker than timber or MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) to be able to create a more natural perception. This table includes natural shades like brown.

Tabletops also greater so that it can be used to place fruits, kitchen tools such as spoons, plates, etc. Chairs was previously lean using a square or rounded thighs are modest and thin to be able to steer clear of the feeling of rigidity while in the kitchen.


ga•rage (gə räzh, -räj or, esp. Brit., garij, -äzh),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -raged, -rag•ing. 
  1. a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles.
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